Our Changing Diet

In Paleolithic times - not so long ago in physiological and metabolic terms - food was inevitably local, seasonal, nutrient- dense, whole, ripe and organic. We ate astonishing amounts of leafy green vegetables, including bitter herbs which stimulated digestion. Grains, which now form the bulk of our diet, were seldom eaten. Milk was not drunk after weaning; otherwise we drank water (dull perhaps, but at least it didn't contain pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals). Dairy is now an "essential" food for young children and many of us eat it daily. Meat was leaner, richer in omega 3 and fed on vegetation; animals...

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Keeping it real - knowing our beekeepers

Personally, I share in the belief that life is art and it’s our creative drive that moves the heart to act and create in the world. At Green Bay, we follow this belief by making all efforts to understand the creativity that goes into producing truly nourishing food and especially beautiful honey. I think that all food is best enjoyed close to the source but in our far from pure world it is often the quality of the environment that affects the finer aspects of a good honey. For this reason, we spend time to research and get to know...

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