About Green Bay Harvest

 John Glass, CEO

John is passionate about the Green Bay range. As one of the team who angst over every word on each label, the fundamental premise is to make honest products in a global environment where natural health products are increasingly regulated and scrutinised.

And so, for example,  you will NEVER see us use cheap cane sugar, corn sugar or rice syrup as "fillers" in our Manuka Honey Lozenges.

Backing him up at home are Maria and their two daughters Sophie and Phoebe.

John Glass


John prides himself on the fact that he has sat in the living rooms of the beekeepers who we source our honey from and has shared a cup of tea or coffee with them.

We do this because it's implicit that we understand the way they treat their bees and their resulting honey crop.

For our part we like them to know what our customers are looking for - honey as they have taken it from the apiary (so it is NOT blended at the packing house with other cheaper honeys). 


United Kingdom

Trade: We began selling our first products in the UK in 2007. These days, you are likely to find our marvellous Manuka Honey Lozenges in Waitrose or online with Ocado or at any good healthstore as we also supply a range of health food distributor partners.

Direct: We also sell our range through greenbayharvest.co.uk and have a loyal base of repeat customers who we believe are staunch advocates for our products.



In the EU we have had the very good fortune to partner with distributors selling our products within their own country, for example in:

  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Finland
  • Bulgaria
  • Sweden
  • Gibraltar


From Nova Scotia on the eastern edge of Canada through Toronto over to the West Coast's  Vancouver  - all are places where stores have stocked our products.

We love the Canadian market. They are fantastic, friendly people to deal with. From our genial import agent Ron (full of advice about music festivals he thinks we must get to see - Coachellla is certainly on the list now!) to our distributor partners and on to the retail staffers that we deal with.

The Canadian consumers have a fantastic range of health food stores and supermarkets to choose from  - we believe they have some of the best choices in the world.