Customers say

Here are just some of the testimonials we have received from customers in the UK about our manuka honey lozenges:

"Sucking Manuka Honey Suckers at this time of year keeps cold and other germs away."

"Manuka Honeysuckers brilliant have tried most of the flavours now and such a top rate product ideal for children and adults very soothing. The best!!!!"

"Always stock up on these honeysuckers before winter. Helps to keep a clear throat before singing."

"Thank you, I did receive my order. I am a singer and just love your product!!!

"At the first sign of a sore throat I always use Original Manuka Honeysuckers they sooth it & definitely seem to help it get better quicker. I have been using them for years."

"These sweets are amazing, I HAVE TAKEN THEM FOR A NUMBER OF YEARS, and I feel that they ward off colds etc. I can certainly recommend taking 1 every morning. Cynthia, aged 81, U.K."

 "Always a good standby for sore throats. Seems to prevent colds from developing. Very tasty!" - Patricia E, U.K.

"I keep a packet on hand, perfect before singing or speaking in public." Maureen J., U.K.

"I just love your manuka honey which is the best I have tasted but also the blackcurrant honey which tastes of blackcurrants and is so good in hot drinks . I thought I was getting a cold but after taking hot drinks with lemon and the blackcurrant honey it just went away so i want to keep a jar in my cupboard . Also the cider apple vinegar is superior to any other. The rosehip honey is good too !! Mary, U.K.