Wild Gourmet Kelp of New Zealand, 100g
Green Bay Harvest

Wild Gourmet Kelp of New Zealand, 100g

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Green Bay Organic Fine Kelp is an Iodine-rich, natural alternative to salt.

"Iodine is an essential nutrient for humans. Although only required in very small amounts, it is an important constituent of thyroid hormones. These hormones maintain the body’s metabolic state and support normal growth and development in children. As iodine is essential for normal brain development, it is particularly important that the unborn baby (fetus) and young children have adequate intakes."

Sprinkle this gourmet condiment on fish, vegetables and eggs or stir into your favourite soups.

Nutrient Rich - Giant Kelp contains alginates and over 70 trace minerals, including naturally high levels of iodine and potassium; much more than iodised salt and many other kelps.

Bio-available - Plant nutrients, including the iodine found in Kelp, are more easily absorbed by the body than synthetic forms of iodine. Your body needs iodine to maintain a healthy thyroid.

Purifying - Our Kelp is sourced from clean and remote seas. Clean Kelp binds with heavy metals in the intestines,eliminating them from the body. Conversely, Kelp harvested from seas around countries with chronic industrial pollution may actually introduce heavy metals into the body.

Salt Substitute - Kelp is very low in sodium which means that in addition to being a delicious gourmet condiment, it’s a perfect alternative to salt. See serving suggestions overleaf.